Unit 6 - Plants, Ecology and Climate Change

Unit 6: Plants, Ecology and Climate Change

In unit 4 you learnt about human organ systems. In this unit you will focus on plants first – how are they structured, what do they need to survive, and how do they reproduce?

You will then learn about the importance of plants in ecosystems, how they provide the energy for entire food webs, and how all the organisms in an ecosystem rely on each other to survive.

You will also look at the impact that humans are having on the environment, how we use different types of energy resources, and how this affects our atmosphere and ecosystems.


Unit 6 Glossary.pdf

Core questions

Unit 6 core questions.pdf

Learning Journey

Unit 6 - Plants, Ecology and Climate Change Learning Journey.pdf

Parts of a Plant 


The Photosynthesis song

Reproduction in Flowering plants

 Seed Dispersal


Food Chains

Renewable And Non renewable Energy