Unit 1 - Introduction to Science

Unit 1: Introduction to Science

In this unit, you are introduced to the Science lab, the specialist equipment we use, and how to carry out practicals safely.

We also check what you remember from your primary science education, and revisit the topics that you are less secure on, to make sure that you are ready for your KS3 Science learning.


Unit 1 Keyword Glossary.pdf

Core questions

Unit 1 Core Questions.pdf

Learning Journey

Unit 1 - Introduction to Science Learning Journey.pdf

Lab safety

Using a Bunsen burner

Heating and Cooling

Scientific method

Primary review - States of matter

Primary review - Properties of Materials

Primary review - Soil and Rocks

Primary review - Circuits

Primary review - Introduction to forces 

Primary review - The solar system

Primary review - Light

Primary review - Major Organs of the Human Body

Primary review - Classifying Vertebrates and Invertebrates

Primary review - Habitats

Primary review - Plants