Unit 8: Chemical Reactions

Unit 8: Chemical Reactions

You will recall the work you did in unit 3 on elements, compounds and mixtures and begin to develop a deeper understanding of the periodic table.  The organisation of the elements will help you unlock the chemical world. The way in which invisible changes occur such as the rearrangement of atoms and conservation of mass.  

Even more exciting is observing the visible changes that occur as a result of chemical reactions such as during rusting and combustion.   Knowing the way in which acids and alkalis can behave with a number of substances will provide an insight into how they can influence our everyday lives.


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Core questions

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Learning Journey

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Metals & Non Metals

Conservation of Mass

Chemical Formulas

Balancing Equations

Metal and Oxygen Reactions

Endothermic and Exothermic reactions

Acids and Alkalis