Unit 9: Cells, evolution and inheritance

Unit 9: Cells, evolution and inheritance

This topic links back to unit 4 with a look at how living organisms function at the level of cells and their specialised structures. You will understand the idea that chemical reactions you learned about in unit 8 can relate to all cells having  the ability to release energy from food (glucose) and using oxygen to do so.  Sometimes, the energy can be released without oxygen!

The unit builds on KS2 knowledge of classification and how every organism has distinguishing features that helps their survival.  The entire reason for these features opens up the exciting world of inheritance and how genes play their role.


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Core questions

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Learning Journey

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Structure of Cells

Understanding microscopy

Aerobic respiration



Variation, Classification and Inheritance 

How animals adapt to their environment

Theory of Evolution: How did Darwin come up with it?