Unit 7: Forces

Unit 7: Forces

There are so many forces that we use everyday without too much thought. We push, pull, lift and throw as well as squashing and breaking objects. Unit 7 will demonstrate how forces have direction and size.  You will learn how objects move and how fast they are moving. Did you know that our own solar system moves through space at about 250 kilometres each second! 

You may recall KS2 work on levers; this topic builds on this and you will develop an understanding of ‘moments’ and link it back to the skeletal system. 

There will be an opportunity for you to conduct investigations on pressure and Hooke’s Law, all of which will help build your confidence in the application of mathematical skills in physics.


Unit 7 Glossary.docx.pdf

Core questions

Unit 7 Core questions.pdf

Learning Journey

Copy of Unit 7 - Forces Learning Journey.pdf

Balanced and unbalanced forces

What is Force? 


Why you weigh more on Jupiter?

Forces and Motion

Exploring pressure on a solid surface 

The Science of Water Pressure

Machines and Moments