A-Level Physics Required Practicals

Physics Practicals

The practical element of the A-Level Physics course consists of 12 practicals that must be completed over the 2 years and 5 practical competencies that must be mastered.

Investigation into varying frequency and stationary waves

Investigation into interference using Young's double slit experiment and diffraction grating

Approximating g by using a free fall method

Determination of  the Young's modulus of a material

Determination of the resistivity of a wire

Investigation into the EMF and internal resistance of cells and batteries

Investigation into simple harmonic motion

Investigation of Charles' Law 

Investigation of Boyle's Law 


Investigation into how the force on a wire varies with flux density, current and length of wire

Investigate the effect of varying the angle between a search coil and magnetic field direction on magnetic flux linkage

Investigation of the inverse-square law for Gamma radiation